One more thing

I am all about HUMBLING DISCLAIMERS in this guide

Humbling Disclaimers (as noted in the book Question-Based Selling) are phrases that can be used BEFORE a tough question so that the prospect is more inclined to SAVE you.

It's a predictable human behavior where once you begin to show some vulnerability, and make a disclaimer like you're "not really sure" how to ask something, your prospect will want to help you!

Examples of Humbling Disclaimers are all noted in RED so you can understand how they are used when asking DIRECT questions.

Additionally, I have highlighted words in RED that I felt were worth noting, either because they are (1) good transition phrases, (2) great key words that help remind you to ask certain questions, or (3) lesser-known parts of the question that you may not think to use, but are important.

Humbling Disclaimers look something like:

"I'm not sure how to ask this, but...."

"At the risk of being direct, I'm curious what...."

"I don't want to ask the wrong thing, but..."

"Without being too forward, I was wondering what....."

"Just thinking out loud here, but what...."

"I don't mean to push, but...."

"I may be out of bounds here, yet I'm curious...."

Tough questions can also end with another Humbling Disclaimers, which looks something like:

"Just looking to understand how you operate"

"Really curious to understand how you think about it"

"Appreciate you being open to my question here."


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