If the prospect shares problems

Once a prospect begins to share problems with you, or at least shares that what you're saying resonates with them, this is where the real discovery begins

As your prospect is sharing their problems, listen intently, and show your curiosity through specific follow-up questions.

This also includes recapping what they have shared at the end of this specific section of the conversation — show them that you are listening.


“We have problems with….”

1. Recap what the prospect just told you

It's quite important for you to recap what the prospect just shared once they had admitted to or shared an issue with you that they might be looking to solve.

This ensures that

(a) they know you're listening,

(b) you're staying present, and

(c) you heard what they said accurately.

  • "Got it, so what you're saying is______, is that correct?"
  • "I see, so what I'm hearing you say is that_____, is that right?"
  • "I understand, so it sounds like_____, is that accurate?"

2. Ask "what" or "how "

Once the prospect shares a problem with you, you can at least ask TWO MORE questions about that, asking either "what" or "how" to help you deepen the issue.

  • "Out of curiosity, how long might you say this has been an issue for you guys?"
  • "Not sure how to ask this, but what might you say you've tried to do about it in the past or has it not been that relevant enough to address until now? "

You can also do a variation of #2 as follows:

  1. "Not sure how to ask this, but how has the team attempted to try and solve this issue in the past, or has it not been that relevant enough to address until now?"

Once the prospect begins to answer these questions, you can move to the next step.

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