The tough question formula

This TOUGH QUESTION formula allows you to begin a thought-provoking conversation with your prospect, allowing them to share what resonates and how you might be able to help.

As you read through this, pay attention to the roadmap and phraseology, as the goal is to apply this to any tough question you feel is necessary as part of your offering.

A great formula for asking a tough problem or implication question is

  1. Humbling disclaimer
  2. Sharing Insight
  3. Difficult Question
  4. (Optional Humbling Disclaimer)

The above formula looks like the following:

"Bob, I'm not exactly sure how to ask this question exactly (humbling disclaimer), but aside from the potentially obvious impacts these issues might have on the team like XYZ (sharing insight), have you sat back and wondered what other impacts there might be to the team if you don't solve for this? (Difficult Question) Just looking to really understand you guys as much as I can (optional humbling disclaimer)."

What is less important about this section is the actual question I am asking.

What is more important is the formulation of a tough question.

Use this formulation around any tough question you might want to ask prospects.

Keep in mind that if I would have to choose the most important piece of this formula, it is the Humbling Disclaimer.

If you feel you are using the Humbling Disclaimer too many times, that should be the worst thing you do.

If anything, the prospect will tell you that you do not have to be so polite.

If they do, they will remove a large weight off of your shoulders and you can feel more comfortable being more direct.

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