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The key to a successful sales conversation as an Account Executive (AE) is to set clear expectations and determine the potential client's needs early on. Establishing the importance of addressing significant business problems that you can solve is crucial. You can use the following 'talk track' to guide the conversation:

  • AE: "We only work with clients who have business problems significant enough to address and that we can actually solve for in (insert your brief solution). The purpose of this call is to understand if those two items exist. If not, we can part ways at the end of our call. Sound fair?"

An alternative approach can also be used to be more direct:

  • AE: "We typically work with individuals who have challenges they want to solve in (insert your solution area) and believe we can assist them. I will provide insights along the way for you to assess. Is that okay?"

It's beneficial to provide a detailed upfront contract that outlines the expectations for both parties. By clearly stating that you can only work with clients who have relevant problems to solve, you create a foundation of mutual understanding. This approach helps in steering the conversation effectively.

Feel free to adapt and combine different phrases and formats that resonate with you to maintain control of the conversation and guide prospects towards a successful partnership.

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